Welcome apple fans to the 2017 season.

Hi, and welcome to the brand new Jones Creek Farms Blog. Beings as I am new to writing blogs this will probably turn out pretty goofy at least at first. Sorry to all you loyal Facebook followers out there. I had to delete my FB account. This blog will hopefully satisfy the needs that FB was always meant to. I will only bash Facebook once and then say no more about it so here it is: After many years of trying to get FB to fit my needs i conceded that it was just never going to work. FB has an ongoing mission of changing their format and regulations in order to micro manage business owners. This is probably an effort to get at least small business owners such as myself to use FB as their web site instead of having a separate one of their own.

My primary mission, on this blog, will be to keep you informed of what is ripe and ready each week at Jones Creek Farms. Ill try and put up pictures of the fruit when i can also.

If you want to know more than just whats ripe this week, questions about the farm, etc, please check out our web site skagitvalleyfruit.com.